What is Entrypoint?

In computer programming, an entry point is a memory address, corresponding to a point in the code of a computer program which is intended as destination of a long jump, be it internal or external.

My idea is to function as a sort of ENTRYPOINT to Indonesia. if you for whatever reasons – may it be academic research, interest in Indonesian culture and heritage, leisure or location scouting – need to make a jump to Indonesia, I would love to provide you with the best information I have to my knowledge. My networks consists of professional cooperation partners in academia, research, photography, videography, tourism, visa services and legal services. My services range in cost depending on the nature of the assignment – so please do not hesitate to contact me and I will assess your needs and provide an offer tailored to your individual needs and interests.

Who am I?

I have studied Southeast Asian Science or Area Studies, Psychoanalysis and Religious Studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt. During my studies I focused  on Indian Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, Indonesian Hinduism, Theories of Religion and Culture, Anthropology, History of Religion in Indonesia and Balinese Religion and Culture. I did a PhD in religious Stduies on Hindu education in the context of Indonesian educational and religious policies. My postdoc research has been concerned with traditional law systems in Bali, Central Kalimantan and Banten.

In the last years I develop an increasing interest in Ethnography or Visual Anthropology – as academic writing only reaches a small audience but audio visual data as documentaries reach all groups of ages and people and are educative and enjoyable. Visual Anthropology bridges my main interests in life: photography, videography, travelling, and indigenous communities. Visual Anthropology is way to show the a broad audience what I see and what the people themselves do and think.

How could I be of service to you?


I have been a sworn trannslator at Darmstadt Ditsrict court from 2006 to 2011. Now I am enlisted as translator at the German Embassy in Jakarta. If you need translations German-Indonesian and Vice Versa (documents, manuals, books) or an interpreter for meetings, interviews, at court – please contact me at alhzindonesia [at]

Individual Trip Planning in Bali

if you want to enjoy your vacation in Bali, Java, Kalimantan, and Lombok, away from the mainstream tourist treks, I do individual trip planning for you – from arranging full trips (transportation air/land/water, accommodation, sightseeing)

Finding Professional Photographers (Marriage, Birthday, Events) and

Visa Services

Academic Services

Location Scouting